Released 2014-03-31.

  • When pressing “No” on decide page authentication is now cancelled as it supposed to be, fixes #6.

  • Added South migrations


    you must fake initial migration if you already have working openid_provider installation.

  • Django 1.6 compatibility (use openid toPostArgs/decodeRequest internal serializer).


Released 2013-12-23.

  • Security enchancement: OpenID Authentication 2.0 9.2.1 was implemented, fixes #4.
  • Fixed landing page view to handle redirect URL GET params correctly.
  • Added OPENID_PROVIDER_SREG_DATA_CALLBACK setting for custom SREG callback functions.
  • Added AX support, new OPENID_PROVIDER_AX_DATA_CALLBACK callback.
  • Added Django 1.5 support.
  • Added Django 1.5 custom user model support.
  • Fixed response page javascript to submit the correct form when there is more than one.


Released 2010-12-30.

  • CSRF enabled sites support (thx to Jannis).
  • SREG support (thx to Jannis).


Released 2010-06-08.

  • Better Djangos DosAndDontsForApplicationWriters compliance.
  • Added MANIFEST.in and setup.py (thx Bruno).


Released 2010-02-03.

  • Better support for multiple identities - you can select one as default (if none identity is claimed in request).
  • Added checking of claimed identity ownership.
  • Added documentation.


Released 2009-11-23.

  • Initial version.


Django OpenID Provider is developed by Roman Barczyński based on code from:


Bruno Renié

  • initial setup.py and MANIFEST.in

Jannis Leidel

  • code cleanup (tab2spaces, PEP8),
  • sreg support,
  • CSRF exempt for openid_server,
  • simplified host resolution,
  • ability to specify OPENID_PROVIDER_STORE in settings.